Omentum Records Top Ten CDs repressed as LPs in 2016

1. Lee Harvey Oswald (Band) “Blastronaut” LP

So glad that twenty years after unleashing the greatest LP since “The Joy of Wine”, Touch And Go has finally decided to press up “Blastronaut” on the only substance that matters. I’m thinking “Rose Marie’s Baby” sounds like an outtake from their “A Taste of Prison” record, but only a schmuck could complain about getting their hands on a previously unreleased LHOB jammer.

2. John Coltrane “A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters” 3LP

How can one of the best records in the history of the world be improved on? By including two more LPs with it; dig the sextet sessions included on this version! Ashley Kahn wrote a book about this record if you need to know more than that.

3. Melvins “Basses Loaded” LP

Kudos to Ipecac for editing this immensely listenable single LP from a CD that occasionally sprawled off on some less-than-mesmerizing tangents. Don’t take this combo for granted—Get to listening now, and go see ‘em play live!!!

4. Petra Haden “Sings The Who Sell Out” LP

One of my favoritest singers covers my favoritest record from The Who all by herself with top notch results! I hope Ms. Haden gives any Claw Hammer full length a similar treatment sometime soon.

5. The Ramones “Live At The Roxy August 12, 1976” LP

The Ramones live in 1976? Count me in! This record is assembled from both of the live sets they played on 8/12/76, which were included in that 40th anniversary version of their 1st LP. As I’ve beefed in previous years, this record should be in print for the masses to purchase at any time, instead of being available for a few hours on one day.

6. Jeff McDonald “Jeff McDonald ” LP

Bang! Records rescues another CDR-only release from data rot, and what a blow-out it is! Mr. McDonald put this together in the mid-90s (I think) and it is a truly perfect record. This makes for a real nice companion to Redd Kross’ “Hot Issue” collection.

7. The Clean “Getaway” 2LP + CD

This CD-only release from 2001 is now here as a 2LP, and it includes a CD with “Slush Fund” and “Syd’s Pink Wiring System”. I’d have been very happy to plunk down for a 4LP version with the live sets pressed on vinyl (but I’ll be good with this for now).

8. Jimi Hendrix “Morning Symphony Ideas” 10”

Another Dagger title makes it (in this case only partially) onto a record. While I’d much rather be holding the entire 70 minutes of this as a black vinyl 2LP, it’s a start.

9. Wipers “Wipers Rarities” 2LP

I found one years ago as a bootleg LP, then Greg Sage remastered and expanded it into a Objects of Rarity CDR and now Bang! Records saves the day once again with a 2LP repress. If you have this and the “Out Takes” LP from Jackpot, you are covered (as long as you own their stellar full lengths).

10. The two way tie (for last) this year goes to Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath”, “Paranoid” & “Master of Reality” 2LPs and David Bowie “Bowie At The Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68-72” 4LP box.

The second LP of each Black Sabbath reissue include alternate takes, instrumentals and (probably the only) songs that were cut from the original releases. I’m guessing no one will file a complaint about hearing live in the studio Bowie recordings from 1968 through 1972, right?

Best live sets of 2016 that I was lucky enough to catch:

The Dirtbombs, Expires, The Gotobeds, Joe Henry and Billy Bragg, Obnox, The S/cks, Soledad Brothers, The Sun Ra Arkestra, Terry and the Cops, Thalia Zedek Band