Omentum Records Top Ten CDs repressed as LPs in 2015

1. The Stooges “Have Some Fun: Live At Ungano’s” LP

Without a doubt, this is the best live recording of The Stooges I’ve ever heard. They were totally on fire in 1970. I wish Rhino would keep “Have Some Fun…” and Television’s “Live At The Old Waldorf” in print. Both records are way too significant to only be available for one day.

2. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments “Straight To Video” LP

While Columbus, OH is, and always has been, home base to a plethora of bold and rockin’ combos, the Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments always brought an unwavering and unmatched vehemence to the stage and on their second LP (pressed up eighteen years after the CD arrived)!

3. Devin And Gary “Go Outside” LP

The Devin And Gary recording I like the most (so far). Feeding Tube does it up right and includes two extra tunes as well.

4. Teengenerate “Live At Shelter” LP

A completely blistering live set from 1995 put forth by four insaniacs that can hold their own with The Devil Dogs when it comes to creating unhinged rockism. Ugly Pop knocked it out of the ballpark in 2015 with this record, Discharge’s “Tornoto ’83” and a superb reissue of the Pack LP.

5.  Halo Of Flies “Music For Insect Minds” 2LP

Almost every song* in chronological order from one of the very finest bands in the history of Western culture. The majority of these 7”s, 12” and compilation tunes were long out-of- print when “Music For Insect Minds” arrived as a CD only collection. Here is your third chance to hear the best group that ever made a record for the Amphetamine Reptile and Twin Tone labels.

6. Jimi Hendrix Experience “Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival” 2LP

So great to have one of the sets from the “Stages” box expanded into a double LP. Looking forward to the ’67, ’68 and ’69 performances receiving the same treatment sooner rather than later.

7. Chrome “Chromosome Damage” LP

Live tracks from their July 20 th 1981 performance in Bologna, Italy first started showing up when Cleopatra reconfigured the Chrome Box in the early nineties. Now, their complete set is finally available here, along with a studio outtake from 1976.

8. Silkworm “Chokes!” LP

Comedy Minus One Records continues their Silkworm reissue campaign with the combo’s final recordings. Nice to see Touch and Go caught the fever and finally got around to pressing up “It’ll Be Cool”.

9. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists “Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing” 2LP

Bang! unleashes the sprawling, Jim Dickinson-produced follow-up to “Sin Factory” including the “You’re Such A Freak” EP on Side 4. Kim Salmon’s liner notes summarize the history of the band, from the beginning of the combo through the recording of this 2LP.

10. Alan Vega Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn “Cubist Blues” 2LP Recorded in 1994;

Hank Garfield squeaked this out on CD in 1996 as (I think) one of the last 2.13.61 releases. Now Munster joins up with Light In The Attic with a deluxe version of this beautifully tense and occasionally uneasy listen…and they put forth “Cubist Blues: Live In France 12/7/96” at the same time? Right on.

Best surprise of 2015: Government Issue “S/T” aka “GI 5”.

I had no idea the Dr. Strange label reissued my favorite GI LP with the four bonus tunes from the cassette and eventual CD versions included. If you’ve never checked out Government Issue, I can’t recommend a better place to start.

* Almost every song other than “Insecticide Stomp”, which can now be found on the “Dope, Guns and Fucking In The Streets Volume 1-11” 3LP, and “1988(Time For A War In)” from the “Mondostereo” LP on The Tinnitus Label / Away From The Pulsebeat (good luck tracking down one of those in the 21 st century).

Best live sets of 2015 that I was lucky enough to catch:

Cheater Slicks, The Darkness, Expires, The Gotobeds, ICP Orchestra, Mudhoney, NOTS, Obnox, Dave Rawlings Machine, The S/cks, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Television, Zeitgeist