Omentum Top 10

Omentum Records Top Ten CDs repressed as LPs in 2014

1. Jimi Hendrix “Hear My Music” 2xLP
Totally essential set of rehearsals from 1969. If you have any interest in Hendrix, then you need to hear this right now.
2. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “She’s On It / Jack The Ripper”
JSBX’s tracks from the Japanese-only “Guitar Wolf vs The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion” CD now on a 12” with artwork by Cliff Mott. Get with it people!
3. Modey Lemon “S/T”
Mind Cure resurrects the Modey Lemon’s self-titled CD, originally released on A-F Records in 2002. So glad “Narrow Home” made it onto the LP.
4. The Clean “Anthology”
Merge Records reissues their 2xCD compilation of The Clean as a stunning 4xLP box.
5. Charley Patton, Blind Willie McTell and The Mississippi Sheiks’‎” Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order” III Man did a great job pressing up the Document CDs for all three of these artists on LPs. Looking forward to more of this series!
6. AC/DC “Stiff Upper Lip”
After 14 years, “Stiff Upper Lip” is finally officially out on LP. Whenever Phil Rudd is in AC/DC, they can do no wrong.
7. X “X-Spurts The 1977 Recordings” LP
Stunning session recorded two years before “Aspirations”. If you like rock music, you need to get down with the X from down under.
8. Kim And Leanne “True West”
Looked like “True West” would be self-released only on CD until Bang! pressed up this jammer on LP. Way rawer than where Kim and Leanne were at when “Weird Love” was recorded. Looks like Hozac will do a domestic version in 2015.
9. various artists “Lost Souls Volume 1 Part 1: 1960’s Garage and Psychedelic Rock ‘n’ Roll from the Un-Natural State: Arkansas” Get Hip gets this CD from Psych Of The South out on LP. Right on!!!
10. Melvins “Hold It In” The good news: a super-great Melvins recording shows up two months after the CD as a LP (it took Ipecac a year to press up “Nude With Boots”, so this does count as an improvement on timing). The bad news: Two songs cut from this release to create a single LP? If pressing a 2xLP was too daunting, the LP + 7” option (a la “Sieg Howdy”) could have worked…instead, paying an extra $40 for a 10” art piece with the missing songs? No wonder their stuff is downloaded more often than purchased…

Best live sets of 2014 that I was lucky enough to catch:
The Clean, Death Of Samantha, Full Color Illustrations, The Gotobeds, Il Sogno Del Marinaio, Obnox, Old Head, Scrawl, Shockwave Riderz, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Thalia Zedek Band, Zeitgeist